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HOW TO: Properly Name Your Resume - How to Properly Name Your Resume. I suggest including your brand name (whatever name you go by) and the specific title of the position for which you are applying when submitting your resume at the very least. Here is the format: BrandName-PositionTitle-Resume; Example: Robert-Starks-Jr-Regional-Career-Center-Director-Resume. How to Get the Applicant Tracking System to Pick You

Your Resumé - Laura Claycomb - Laura Claycomb They can remember your name is Joe Smith without the flashing lights, thank you. Only thing they’ll remember, otherwise, will be showing it around the office saying, “Take a look at this!” and laughing. Résumé Help: The ABCs of Credentials on Your Résumé | Careers… Today we examine the top of Paul’s résumé. In fact, we are looking at just the very first line on his résumé, the title line. Paul has a few qualifying credentials, including two degrees and an industry certification. How to put your Resume online? - CBitss

Placing your resume in the current online job markets is not a difficult task. It is the method you follow, may vary from one site to another. But choosing the right online site and uploading your resume as per your job domain should be constructed carefully.

Knowing which skills to put on your resume that will impress is not always the easiest. Yet, the skills portion of your resume is often the primary focus. Resume Security: Safeguard Your Contact Information ... What if your resume lands in the wrong hands? Career and security experts explain how to market yourself while protecting your online privacy and security. Resume Companion: Resume Builder | Free Resume Builder Create a professional resume in minutes with the best free resume builder online. ... The result is an impeccably formatted resume that will put you ahead of the ... Free Online Resume Samples from

Your resume is the first glimpse of you that a potential employer sees. Make your first impression perfect. Here's what not to put on your resume and why.

Continuing education | Resume Guide | CareerOneStop Employers love to see continuing education so don't forget to include it on your resume. ... There are many free webinars and other online training if cost is a ... 7 Tips for Listing MOOCs on Your Résumé - Campus Technology Professional Development. 7 Tips for Listing MOOCs on Your Résumé. Here's how to put your massive open online course experience to best advantage when documenting your skills.

Create a professional resume in minutes using our free resume builder. ... If you' re just putting dates, companies, and achievements on a page with no sense of ...

Watch What Information You Put onto Your Online Resume This is the perfect time to assess what's already on your resume and start removing information that could compromise your personal security. If you already posted your resume with this information - don't panic! Take some time to assess where you've put out your resume and take it down. How to Post a Resume Without Your Employer Knowing | You could jeopardize your current job if you post your resume online for consideration by prospective employers. Posting your resume on professional networking sites or resume databases may cause your employer to question your loyalty as well as the amount of time you spend conducting your job search when you're supposed to be working. Is it ever OK to include your photo with your resume ... Yes. I agree with you Allison. It is ok to put your photo on your resume. I'm glad I see what you look like and I think that any potential employer should see how I look like as well — this is one way to put your best foot forward.

Upload your resume to the job site. ... career building sites have what they call a Resume Builder section.

When you're applying directly to a hiring manager, on a company website, or sending your resume to a connection at a company, include your email address. If you're not sure, learn more about the company and the job and how to avoid scams before you decide whether to apply. How to Upload a Resume to LinkedIn - YouTube

What if your resume lands in the wrong hands? Career and security experts explain how to market yourself while protecting your online privacy and security. Resume Companion: Resume Builder | Free Resume Builder