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Required and only open to fourth-year students who have been accepted into the BA essay program. Undergraduate Courses 2018-2019 | Department of Philosophy A reading course supervised by a member of the department and satisfying the following conditions: (1) the work of the course must not be possible in an already existing course; (2) the course must involve a substantial amount of writing, i… Curriculum Vitae

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PDF Course List Spring 2019 - CLCV 450a and CLCV 451b, Two-Term Senior Project for the Major in Classical Civilization Pauline LeVen Qualified students may write a two-term senior essay under the guidance of a faculty adviser. Final Project (Myth @ BGSU) The essay must consider the author, the context in which the piece was composed, and the author's audience. The essay must make an argument defended with examples and reasons that develops the student's point of view on the topic. A Final Warning: Don't plagiarize. PDF Classical Civilization 363 Judaism and Christianity in The ... 1/23/17 ClCv 363 Winter 2017 Page 1 and developments in the history and cultures of the ancient Near East, in particular of Second Temple Judaism and Early Christianity in their Hellenistic and Roman contexts.

In the cultures of Ancient Rome and 21 st Century America, Roman heroes like Aeneas are patriotic and stoic in the face of moral dilemmas and lead entire nations to safety through their courage and exceptional feats.

PDF Modern Middle East Studies Spring 2015 Modern Middle East ... Updated 1/12/2015 Page 3 MMES 491 Senior Essay The one-term senior essay is a research paper of at least thirty pages prepared under the supervision of a faculty member in accordance with the following schedule: (1) by the end of the second week of classes of the term, students meet with advisers to University of Chicago Time Schedules May be taken in sequence with CMLT 20600/30600 or individually. Students have the option of writing essays or putting on short scenes in cooperation with other members of the class. Classical Studies < University of Chicago Catalog

May be taken in sequence with CMLT 20600/30600 or individually. Students have the option of writing essays or putting on short scenes in cooperation with other members of the class.

Classics and Ancient Studies < Barnard College | Columbia ... The department of Classics and Ancient Studies aims to introduce students to a knowledge of the languages and an understanding of the literature and culture of ancient Greece and Rome in a broader Mediterranean context, as well as to develop an appreciation of how Greco-Roman antiquity has been used and abused by later eras. Department of Classics > Academic Catalog | The University of ... The Department of Classics offers advanced study in the civilizations of the ancient Mediterranean, including literature and literary theory, history, philosophy, religion, science, art, and archaeology. The programs of the department lead to the Ph.D. degree and seek to prepare students for careers in teaching and research. Classical Studies, Department of: Loyola University Chicago

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CLCV GU4110 Gender and Sexuality In Ancient Greece. 3 points. Prerequisites: sophomore standing or the instructor's permission. Examination of the ways in which gender and sexuality are constructed in ancient Greek society and represented in literature and art, with attention to scientific theory, ritual practice, and philosophical speculation. CLCV II exam one Flash Cards Flashcard - Gutamouraguedes was a poet from the island of Paros in the Archaic period in Greece celebrated for his versatile and innovative use of poetic meters and as the earliest known Greek author to compose almost entirely on the theme of his own emotions and experiences.[1][2] Alexandrian scholars included him in their canonic list of iambic poets, along with Semonides and Hipponax,[3] yet ancient commentators also ... Module and Programme Catalogue Year 1 (Award available for year: Certificate of Higher Educ) Learning outcomes. On completion of the year/programme students should have provided evidence of being able to: - demonstrate a familiarity with the basic concepts, information, practical competencies and techniques which are standard features of the study of Classical Civilisation; Greek civilization essay - Synthesis essay exam - students will do you can t double team of minoan essay. This course syllabus clcv 490: essays in date. Nothing is attested by a take-home essay on greek civilization in today's world. Version 1.2 published: history of civilization the greek civilization was at a few days receive an analytical essay editing.

Iliad essay questions - Appraisal, HOA and REO Asset ... Intro to write my best essays, the topics, book i will have to. Students who have tons of questions i have tons of the iliad. A list of essay should follow an essay paper argument. Let the scope and study guide for homer's the homeric iliad. Pdf from the iliad is meant to start an essay sample essay. If everyone read the Iliad would war be abolished? - CLCV 205 ... November 28, 2017 at 1:27 pm I'd have to disagree with Beard's conclusion, otherwise I wouldn't find Greek and Roman myths interesting or worthwhile to study. Some of the stories we look at are used as a medium to deliver some type of universal truth, like how Plate uses myths as tools to highlight a point of interest. PDF Syllabus for HIST 29516/39516: History of Skepticism Cross ... An Essay. No, I mean a real essay. While we often use the word as a casual synonym for an academic paper, the essay proper is an art form, a meandering emotional and intellectual experience with persuasive effect, often without a formal thesis. The essay is intimately tied to Undergraduate Courses 2016-2017 | Department of Philosophy